We enable industrial connectivity through reliable wireless communication,

ensuring our clients can utilize the full potential of their connected industrial network.

Our team comes with decades of experience in radio, networking and support. We focus on solutions designed for use across multiple industries and applications, built to meet diverse needs and reduce the cost of implementation and network management. We use our expertise to guide our clients to the most effective solutions, providing complete support to ensure reliable performance.

We are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience through reliable customer service and technical support. We offer complete hardware solutions, from radios to antennas, supporting accessories and custom design. We’ve been a certified XetaWave distributor since our inception and have expert knowledge on XetaWave radios and equipment.

We strive to offer complete solutions for our clients from start to finish, including path studies, network design, and unlimited pre- and post-sale technical support. Our experienced team of technicians can conduct preliminary radio path evaluations and equipment and network design recommendations, including custom solutions.

We’ve completed projects including: multi-band radio networks, solar/battery backup systems, remote sensors, offshore communication, mobile data acquisition and more.

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