XetaPAK Advanced SMART Battery

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The XetaPAK represents true innovation for batteries used on remote, solar-powered telemetry sites. The XetaPAK is the same size as, and is a drop‐in replacement for, conventional lead acid batteries. However, unlike today’s typical lead acid battery, which needs to be regularly replaced, thereby involving repetitive costs and field deployment of staff, the XetaPAK is exceptionally reliable, heavy duty and long-lasting. Not just a simple battery, the XetaPAK includes the following features:

  • MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar panel controller
  • Load current limiter
  • Low voltage shutdown
  • Battery temperature management
  • Modbus logging


Additional information

Battery Capacity @ 250mA

15AH @ 25°C, 12AH @ -20°C (XetaPAK15), 30AH @ 25°C, 24AH @ -20°C (XetaPAK30)

Self Discharge Rate

0.4AH per month (XetaPAK15), 0.8 AH per month (XetaPAK30)

Load Voltage

12.8V @ 100%
12.4V @ 50%
12V @ 0%

Maximum Current Draw

2A Current limited with shutdown and 1s reset (XetaPAK15), 3A Current limited with
shutdown and 1s reset (XetaPAK30)

Maximum Ambient Temperature

60 °C

Minimum Ambient Temperature

-30 °C

Dimensions ( L x W x H )

6.49” x 3.88” x 4.94” (XetaPAK15), 6.49” x 7.31” x 4.94” (XetaPAK30)


5.2 lbs (XetaPAK15), 10 lbs (XetaPAK30)


  • 15AH @ 25°C, 12AH @ -20°C


  • 30AH @ 25°C, 24AH @ -20°C

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