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Is It Time to Update Your Network?

4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Network

The majority of customer inquiries at Elevate Wireless center around network replacement; either moving a system from serial to IP, or old Ethernet equipment to newer, improved technology. Because it’s such a frequent occurrence, we thought it worthwhile to outline the 4 main reasons clients update their networks. With this, you can determine if a replacement is soon approaching and better review your options.

1.) My radios are end of life, or they’re no longer available.

Some radios are workhorses and can work reliably in the field without issue for 10+ years. Some of the first serial networks we installed are still up and working great. Nonetheless, the risk of having old technology that is no longer available, or hard to find (and especially if it is out of warranty), is when the equipment does fail you could find yourself in a real bind, with significant downtime, added expenses and rushed resolutions. For this reason, we often update functioning systems simply because the consequences of failure are too drastic to meet the requirements of most public agencies.

2.) I need to update to modern security standards.

As we’ve written before, network security is a necessary concern for all public agencies (see our post on 5 ways to improve network security). New standards are in place requiring agencies to only use equipment with AES encryption capabilities of 128-keys or higher.

3.) I need newer functionality in order to improve the capabilities of the network.

As network technology develops and diversifies, newer capabilities and features are necessary in order to integrate all parts. Installing new radios with improved functionality, that are capable of serial, Ethernet and I/O allows for added capabilities, while also providing flexibility, so that portions of the network can evolve and update as is convenient and feasible to staff capabilities, agency budget and timeline.

4.) I need better performance.

As technology and data grows, so do the demands on performance, with faster speeds, heightened sensitivity and wider range all playing a factor in improving a system’s functionality. The amount of data needed to be transmitted is increasing, especially as the demand for video and other data increases and becomes more granular. This means the capabilities are increasingly being pushed.

Customers are typically certain it is time for an upgrade and ready to act when two or more of the above signs ring true for their system. Being aware of these signs early on serves as an advantage, allowing more time, better planning and budgeting to occur in order to make the best assessments. Elevate Wireless is here to assist on all stages of the process, from preliminary radio path studies to final commissioning. Contact us for more information.