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Application Note: Radio Replacement Project brings Reliable Solution to Public Works

Elevate Wireless was commissioned by Wonderware California to test the viability of replacing IP radio communications for a municipal public works department in the San Joaquin Valley of Northern California. The legacy radios, originally installed by a systems integrator, had been experiencing communications failures and less than desired reliability.

The network was comprised of nine sites: the Access Point and eight End Points. The Public Works wanted reliable connectivity results and training on how to test, monitor and maintain the devices.

Given the inconsistent communication of the legacy equipment, an onsite radio path study was recommended in order to test the paths, gauge environmental noise and see comparable results using our radios. This would give the Public Works peace of mind in moving forward with a new radio solution.

After the path study, we supplied the Ethernet radios, onsite radio commissioning service and training. This allowed the Public Works to optimize their radio network and confidently move forward with a better understanding of their network connectivity.

This case study serves as an example of best practices to ensure a smooth network replacement from start to finish. The Public Works has successfully maintained the network with optimal results and virtually no stress throughout the process. They were able to move forward confidently, with full knowledge of the expected results and a clear understanding of how to monitor and maintain the network after final installation. Because the project plan was clearly defined from the start, Elevate Wireless was able to deliver on the client’s expectations and provide a reliable network at the finish.

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