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New I/O Products offer Diverse Solutions

XetaWave I/O solutions combine Ethernet and serial high speed, long range wireless communication with integrated I/O functionality. XetaWave has released a significant expansion and next generation of its I/O Products, including the Emancipator 2+ (EM2+) Superset and the Emancipator 2- (EM2-), along with 3 new software modules – Wire Replacement, PLC-BASIC Interpreter, and Data Concentrator.

The EM2+ Superset is a new, low cost board level I/O radio that provides support for low count analog input and digital input. The EM2+ is available in both the uTasker and Linux operating systems, offers easy configuration through USB, and includes all firmware capabilities provided through the XetaWave software defined (SD) platform including ModBus RTU, Modbus TCP, data concentrator, and more. The EM2- is an even lower cost option specifically designed for flame status monitoring or other applications that require low power and a single input – accessible through ModbusRTU.

XetaWave I/O is ideally suited for process control to securely and wirelessly monitor temperature, pressure, level and flow, and control pumps, latches, valves and more.

See the XetaWave-IO-DataSheet for more information, and reach out to our team with any technical questions or pricing inquiries at