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Low Cost, Drop-In Replacement for MDS & FreeWave Legacy Radios

When an existing network is due for a system upgrade, how you approach that can make a big difference to your operations. Elevate Wireless can assist in minimizing disruption to communications, while moving you towards a faster, more flexible Ethernet system.

The X710 mode enables XetaWave 900 MHz and 400 MHz radios to be dropped into MDS 9710 and 4710 networks with no disruption to the operation of your network.

The XetaWave X710 software emulates the currently deployed MDS protocols for either serial only, or both Ethernet and serial, with support for I/O as well. Your network can be upgraded in the future with full XetaWave capabilities and combined Ethernet/Serial I/O traffic.

XetaWave developed the Xeta9-INS, which allows you to co-locate a XetaWave master with a legacy (FreeWave) master using the same antenna with no self-interference, such that you can selectively upgrade your legacy radios to the Xeta9x with no interruption to your network. XetaWave EP’s can be installed “plug and play” to co-exist alongside legacy FreeWave DGR/FGR/FGR2/FGR2-PE/HTPlus radios on the same network.


Our highly experienced team at Elevate Wireless can assist not only with hardware acquisition, but also path evaluations and on-site commissioning. For more information, contact us today,