XetaWave I/O

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XetaWave I/O combines flexible 8-port multi-function I/O functionality with any of XetaWave’s radio product lines, including the Xeta1, Xeta4, and Xeta9. Modbus RTU/TCP based I/O allows for easy integration with most SCADA software, as well as numerous PLCs and other industrial automation products. All I/O products include a fully featured XetaWave radio, including Ethernet and Serial connectivity, which operates simultaneously alongside I/O functionality.

Supported I/O interfaces include:

  • 4x Digital In, with 200Hz counting (1x 10kHz counting also available)
  • 4x Digital Out
  • 4x Analog In, either Voltage (-0.3-6.25 V) or Current ( 0-25 mA), both with 16-bit precision and 0.5% accuracy
  • 4x Analog Out, 0-24mA, 10-bit resolution, 0.5% accuracy

Up to 4 total Digital I/Os and 4 total Analog I/Os may be used simultaneously.

For documentation, technical questions, or any other inquires, please contact us.

Additional information

Data Interfaces

2x 10/100 Ethernet, 2x RS232/422/485 Serial, 8x Multifunction IO

RF Connector


Operating Voltage

10-32 VDC, reverse polarity protection up to 32VDC

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Enclosed: 6.625" x 3.45" x 1.835"

Part Numbers:

YX1000L-IO: Xeta1-EIOL, enclosed 100MHz radio, with 8-port multi-function I/O

YX2000L-IO: Xeta2-EIOL, enclosed 200MHz radio, with 8-port multi-function I/O

YX4000L-IO: Xeta4-EIOL, enclosed 400MHz radio, with 8-port multi-function I/O

YX7000L-IO: Xeta7-EIOL, enclosed 700MHz radio, with 8-port multi-function I/O

YX9000L-IO: Xeta9-EIOL, enclosed 900MHz radio, with 8-port multi-function I/O

XetaWave-I/O DataSheet